Reset fix for WPC

31.00 EUR

High Quality product from Homepin


The Reset Fix Board prevents the shutdown problems on Bally/Midway/Williams WPC System pinball machines
If your game is resetting to low voltage, then this will fix it

Reset fix board for all WPC/WPC-S/WPC-95 pinball machines

  • Easy plug and play installation in 5 minutes
  • No tools needed when installing the board.
  • Voltage indicator
  • High Quality product from Homepin

To install you simply unplug J210 on the MPU and insert this board inline.  Replugging the J210 connector into the top of this board. That’s it!

Probably one of the most common problems people experience with the modern Bally/Williams DMD machines are random resets of the game in progress.  Sometimes it appears these resets happen at certain times (like when you hit a flipper or during multiball) and you think it may be directly related to that.  Most of the time, that’s not the case, although heavy activity like firing certain solenoids might cause a drain which exposes a weakness in the game’s power system

When a game suddenly shuts off, goes dark and reboots itself after a few second delay, an MPU board reset has occurred. Unwanted resets occur on WPC pinball machine MPU boards because the Power Driver Boards  5 volt power supply is marginally designed for the many circuits it drives.

The Reset Fix Board creates a unique 5 volt power source for the WPC System MPU board and adds a monitor LEDs to your Power Driver Board. WPC series MPU boards have a watchdog circuit that shuts down the board if the 5 volt power supply drops below a cutoff voltage (~ 4.7 volts). This happens more frequently as game circuitry ages, and the machine unexpectedly turns off and ends any active games.


Bally/Midway Attack from Mars 1995
Bally/Midway Black Rose 1992
Bally/Midway Cactus Canyon 1998
Bally/Midway Cirqus Voltaire 1997
Bally/Midway Corvette  1994
Bally/Midway Creature from the Black Lagoon 1992
Bally/Midway Doctor Who 1992
Bally/Midway Gilligan’s Island 1991
Bally/Midway Harley-Davidson 1991
Bally/Midway Indianapolis 500 1995
Bally/Midaway Judge Dredd  1993
Bally/Midway NBA Fastbreak 1997
Bally/Midway Popeye Saves the Earth  1994
Bally/Midway Safe Cracker 1996
Bally/Midway Scared Stiff 1996
Bally/Midway The Adams Family 1992
Bally/Midway The Addams Family Gold  1994
Bally/Midway The Champion Pub 1998
Bally/Midway The Party Zone 1991
Bally/Midway The Shadow 1994
Bally/Midway Theatre of Magic 1995
Bally/Midway Twilight Zone 1993
Bally/Midway WHO Dunnit 1995
Bally/Midway World Cup Soccer 1994

Williams Bride of Pin·Bot 1991
Williams Congo 1995
Williams Demolition Man 1994
Williams Dirty Harry 1995
Williams Dracula  1993
Williams Fish Tales 1992
Williams FunHouse 1990
Williams Hurricane 1991
Williams Indiana Jones 1993
Williams Jack·Bot 1995
Williams Johnny Mnemonic 1995
Williams Junk Yard 1996
Williams Medieval Madness 1997
Williams Monster Bash  1998
Williams No Fear 1995
Williams No Good Gofers 1997
Williams Red & Ted’s Road Show  1994
Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation 1993
Williams Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991
Williams Tales of the Arabian Nights 1996
Williams The Flintstones 1994
Williams The Getaway II 1992
Williams White Water 1993

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