The Flintstones
Rubber Kit

338.33 TWD

Natural rubber with the “Real Bounce” feeling



This is the complete rubber kit for Williams The Flintstones

The kit consist of a total of 29 pieces

  • 3  x  Flipper Rubbers (choose color in the drop-down menu)
  • 1  x  3/8″ OD Mini Post
  • 4  x  3/16″ Rubber Rings
  • 7  x  5/16″ Rubber Rings
  • 2  x  3/4″ Rubber Rings
  • 1  x  1″ Rubber Ring
  • 4  x  1-1/2″ Rubber Ring
  • 2  x  2″ Rubber Ring
  • 2  x  2-1/2″ Rubber Ring

The photo shown is the actual Rubber Rings you will receive

The Shooter Tip and the 6 Standard Post Sleeves used in this game is not added, choose your own colors separately
Remember there is a separate rubber ring kit for the mechanical part underneath the playfield as well… You might want to check and see if they need replacement!
You can add any tip, sleeves and color you want, as a specified kit from the “The Flintstones” page or individually from the “Post Sleeve” page or the “Individual Rubbers” page

Williams The Flintstones originally use 1 Shooter Tip and 6 Standard Post Sleeves

Williams The Flintstones 1994

Additional information

Kit Colors

Black flippers – Black rubbers, Black flippers – White rubbers, Modern Red flippers – Black rubbers, Modern Red flippers – White rubbers, Yellow flippers – Black rubbers, Yellow flippers – White rubbers, Old Style Red flippers – Black rubbers, Old Style Red flippers – White rubbers, Orange flippers – Black rubbers, Orange flippers – White rubbers