Strobe Lights
Complete flash system
2 boards + 1 cable

118.00 EUR

High Quality product from Homepin


Complete replacement kit for the Attack from Mars entire flash system including the cable

Attack from Mars Strobe light power supply, flash tube + cable – The complete kit

  • Easy plug and play installation in 15-30 minutes
  • Complete upgrade, everything is improved from the original system
  • 2 boards including the new heat resistant silicone insulated cable
  • Improved flash tube
  • High Quality product from Homepin

This board is often missing from games as it has been removed for repair but never refitted. Some parts on the original board are almost impossible to find.
This board has recreated the entire flash system including the cable. The wire for this cable is silicon, high voltage and high temperature resitant cable.


  • Bally/Midway A-20669, A-20718

Bally/Midway Attack from Mars 1995

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