Shaq Attaq
Rubber Kit

471.11 TWD

Natural rubber with the “Real Bounce” feeling



This is the complete rubber kit for Gottlieb Shaq Attaq

The kit consist of a total of 24 pieces

  • 2  x  Flipper Rubbers (choose color in the drop-down menu)
  • 2  x  Gottlieb Beaded Flippers – Red
  • 2  x  3/8″ OD Mini Post
  • 3  x  5/16″ Rubber Ring
  • 3  x  3/4″ Rubber Ring
  • 5  x  1″ Rubber Ring
  • 1  x  1-1/2″ Rubber Ring
  • 2  x  2″ Rubber Ring
  • 2  x  2-1/2″ Rubber Ring
  • 2  x  3″ Rubber Ring

The photo shown is the actual Rubber Rings you will receive

The Shooter Tip and the 9 Standard Post Sleeves used in this game is not added, choose your own colors separately.
You can add any tip, sleeves and color you want, as a specified kit from the “‘Shaq Attaq” page or individually from the “Post Sleeve” page or the “Individual Rubbers” page

Gottlieb Shaq Attaq originally use 1 Shooter Tip and 9 Standard Post Sleeves

Gottlieb Shaq Attaq 1995

Additional information

3/8" Flipper Rubbers

Black Flippers, Old Style Red Flippers, Yellow Flippers

Rubber Ring Kit

Black Rubber Rings, White Rubber Rings