Aux driver board

76.50 USD

High Quality product from Homepin


Aux driver board for Gottlieb System 3 machines

Gottlieb Auxiliary driver board

  • Easy plug and play installation in 5-10 minutes
  • Only screwdriver needed for installing the board.
  • High Quality product from Homepin

To install you simply unscrew the damaged board and replug the two connectors… That’s it!

This board is an upgraded version of the original board


  • MA 1722

Game compatibility list:

Gottlieb Barb Wire 1996
Gottlieb Bullseye 1994
Gottlieb Cue Ball Wizard 1992
Gottlieb Freddy: a Nightmare on Elm Street 1994
Gottlieb Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt 1995
Gottlieb Gladiators 1993
Gottlieb Mario Andretti 1995
Gottlieb Rescue 911 1994
Gottlieb Shaq Attack 1995
Gottlieb Stargate 1995
Gottlieb Strikes ‘N Spares 1995
Gottlieb Street Fighter II 1993
Gottlieb Super Mario Bros. 1992
Gottlieb Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World 1992
Gottlieb Tee’d Off 1993
Gottlieb Waterworld 1995
Gottlieb Wipe Out 1993
Gottlieb World Challenge Soccer 1994

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