#44/47 Non-Ghosting LED

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theGhostBuster #44/47 Frosted  Our ultimate LED/SMD product



theGhostBuster #44/47 Non-Ghosting Frosted LED for Pinball Machines  Commonly used in a variety of modern pinball machines. Starting from EM (Electro Mechanical) to modern DMD type machines. Non-Ghosting (we added one low voltage capacitor in each of our non-ghosting high quality led’s to minimize ghosting and flicker) 6.3 volt Two light source LED (2 SMD) In-house production High Quality Product Frosted for a better Illumination of the playfield BA9S Compatible Our Warm White LED is 3000K or “Soft White” that makes their illumination, shine more like the filament bulbs in the original shipped machine Info page about Ghosting The LED page

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Weight 1.9 g

Orange, Pink, Warm White, Cold White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Ice Blue, Green, Purple