Power Rectifier Board

50.28 GBP

High Quality product from Homepin


Super attractive price for this new and heavily improved board

Bally Power Rectifier Board   AS-2518

Redesigned and improved

  • Includes EVERY NEEDED plug, shells, terminals, fuse covers and fasteners (more than 30 pieces in total)
  • Double thickness copper tracks from the original board (2oz copper)
  • large VIAs and very wide tracks to allow maximum current flow
  • 3 x 35 amp bridges with large heat-sink
  • Safety cover over all fuses
  • Cable ties and new mounting standoffs included
  • Power on LED
  • No modifications to the original machine, or holes to drill
  • Medium difficulty installation in about 30-60 minutes
  • You need to cut some wires from the old board and attach them to the included plugs
  • High Quality product from Homepin


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