6 Digit Display

1.240.00 TWD

High Quality product from Homepin


Crazy attractive price for this new and unique display

Bally/Stern 6 digit display

Redesigned and improved
These are finally in stock after a very extended period of R&D at the Homepin Factory
They are supplied individually in a cardboard box and the two boards simply plug together and are held together with the two 3mm screws included
There is a simple assembly instruction sheet with each one as well as a custom stamped foam light shield bezel with tape already applied.

Custom made LED displays for us with narrow segments to match the original Bally/Stern glass.
The colour match is also exceptional
Originally they where intended to sell as a set of five displays fearing that the colour match would make a new one fitted to a machine stand out but this isn’t the case
All but the most ardent pinball enthusiast should be very happy with these in a mixed display situation.

  • Includes everything needed for installation
  • No modifications to the original machine, no holes to drill
  • High Quality product from Homepin


Bally #AS-2518-21 & AS-2518-15.

Stern #A-434, A-472, & DA-100.

Bally Black Jack 1978
Bally Black Pyramid 1984
Bally BMX 1983
Bally Centaur 1979
Bally Centaur II 1983
Bally Cybernaut 1985
Bally Dolly Parton 1979
Bally Eight Ball 1977
Bally Eight Ball Deluxe 1981
Bally Eight Ball Deluxe LE 1982
Bally Elektra 1981
Bally Evel Knievel 1977
Bally Freedom 1976
Bally Fireball Classic 1985
Bally Fireball II 1981
Bally Flash Gordon 1981
Bally Freedom 1976
Bally Frontier 1980
Bally Future Spa 1979
Bally Gold Ball 1983
Bally Grand Slam 1983
Bally Harlem Globetrotters 1979
Bally Hot ‘Doggin’ 1980
Bally Kiss 1979
Bally Kings of Steel 1984
Bally Lost World 1978
Bally Mata Hari 1978
Bally Medusa 1981
Bally Mr & Mrs Pac Man 1982
Bally Mystic 1980
Bally Night Rider 1977
Bally Nitro Ground Shaker 1980
Bally Paragon 1979
Bally Playboy 1978
Bally Power Play  1978
Bally Rolling Stones 1980
Bally Silverball Mania 1980
Bally Six Million Dollar Man 1978
Bally Skateball 1980
Bally Space Invaders 1980
Bally Speakeasy 1982
Bally Spectrum 1982
Bally Spy Hunter 1984
Bally Star Trek 1979
Bally Strikes and Spares 1978
Bally Supersonic 1979
Bally Vector 1982
Bally Viking 1980
Bally Voltan 1979
Bally X’s & O’s 1984
Bally Xenon 1980
Stern Ali
Stern Big Game
Stern Catacomb
Stern Cheetah
Stern Cosmic Princess
Stern Dracula
Stern Dragonfist
Stern Flight 2000
Stern Free Fall, Galaxy
Stern Hot Hand
Stern Iron Maiden
Stern Lazer Lord
Stern Lectronamo
Stern Lightning
Stern Magic
Stern Memory Lane
Stern Meteor
Stern Nineball
Stern Nugent,
Stern Orbitor 1
Stern Pinball
Stern Quicksilver
Stern Seawitch
Stern Split Second
Stern Stargazer
Stern Stars
Stern Stingray
Stern Trident
Stern Viper
Stern Wildfire

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