3/8″ Flipper Rubbers
3/8 X 1-1/2 Inch

15.85 TWD

Natural rubber made from rubber trees



3/8″ Inch Flipper Rubbers The 3/8″ Flipper Rubbers are used originally on all Gottlieb and early Bally and Williams Pinball Machines 3/8 inch wide x 1-1/2 inch ID (inner diameter) 3 Different colors – Old Style Red… The classic choice – Black… Dark Black rubber – Yellow… Lights up your playfield Real natural rubber product from rubber trees, and of course… the real bounce experience is there as well… Less bounce

  • Black 

Medium bounce

  • Old Style Red

Strong bounce

  • Yellow


  • SPF 10-xxx
  • Gottlieb 38-13151, 38-10802,
  • Bally A – 13151
  • Williams 23A-6505

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Additional information

Weight 6.3 g
3/8" Flipper Rubbers

Black Flippers, Modern Red Flippers, Old Style Red Flippers, Yellow Flippers